Hunting Science Exploring the Science Behind Hunting
Exploring the Science Behind Hunting

Episode 8: The Science and Philosophy of Trophy Hunting


What is your definition of a “trophy” animal?   Why are some hunters motivated by the size of antlers or horns on the animals that they pursue? In episode 8, I talk with Alan Jubenville, retired Professor of Natural Resource Management and official measurer for the Boone and Crockett Club, about trophy hunting.   Alan has a fascinating background and has hunted extensively in Alaska and around the world, especially for sheep.   Join us to hear many exciting hunting stories and Alan’s view of what constitutes a trophy animal…you might be surprised.

Show Notes

0:30 — Introductions
8:30 — Alan gives us his hunting resume
15:30 — We talk about Alan’s experience as a trophy scoring and what he views as a trophy
18:15 — I ask Alan why he mounts his “trophies’?
20:40 — What is Alan’s favorite hunt?
24:50 — I ask Alan why he hunts, which leads into a story about a hunt for a Marco Polo ram.
31:00 — I ask Alan how you research a trophy hunt, which also leads into several great hunting story.
38:35 — We return to questions about criticism of trophy hunting and hunting in genera
42:00 — Hear what Alan sees for the future of hunting and science?
46:40 — We revisit the story of Alan’s favorite hunt.
52:55 — I ask Alan about his final thoughts especially for young hunters.
55:15 — We finish with concluding statements about trophy hunting.
57:10 — Outro.

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