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Exploring the Science Behind Hunting

Episode 9: The Science of Moose Hunting


Listen to my conversation with Tony Hollis, area biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and lifelong hunter, about moose hunting in Alaska.   Tony is passionate about moose hunting and his success is clearly in part due to his knowledge about moose ecology.   It also doesn’t hurt that his has an awesome hunting spot, which we don’t reveal.   However, we do get into many specific about the science of moose hunting, include details about calling moose.   We also discuss moose management in Alaska and what is in the future.   Be sure to check out the short bonus video where we teach a class how to butcher a moose.

Show Notes

0:30 — Introductions
2:40 — Tony describes what he does as an area biologist for Alaska Department of Fish and Game
5:15 — Listen to Tony describe his favorite hunt and reasons for hunting
9:30 — Learn how Tony uses science for hunting
11:30 — We talk about general ecology of moose
13:45 — Tony describes how he applies science to moose hunting
16:45 — We talk about the specifics of calling moose, which might include Tony doing his best cow call
29:00 – How do you hunt a bull that has a cow with him?
32:30 – Can you stand hunt for moose in Alaska?
34:15 – How does weather affect your moose hunting?
36:00 – Tony talks about how climate may or may not be affecting moose hunting
42:00 – We talk about hunting gear for moose hunting
46:30 – What is the perfect situation for moose hunting?
47:45 – We talk about packing and butchering a moose
49:15 – Tony discusses his thoughts about bringing kids into hunting
52:45 – We consider moose management strategies in Alaska
1:00:00 – Tony talks about aspects of moose ecology that haven’t yet been explained by science and may never be
1:02:15 – What are the most essential ingredients for success in moose hunting?
1:05:30 – What is the future of moose management and science?
1:09:20 – Concluding thoughts
1:13:00 – Outro

WLF F101, Moose Harvest Lab


Additional Resources

  • Moose Hunting in Alaska – Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The photo is of Tony and his son Kody with his first moose (a 59″ bull!) when he was 10.   Photo credit: Shawn Davies.

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