Hunting Science Exploring the Science Behind Hunting
Exploring the Science Behind Hunting

Episode 11: Hunters and Viruses: Wash Your Hands!


Listen to my conversation with Dr. Andy Ramey about hunters, viruses, and other zoonotics.   Andy is research wildlife geneticist with the U.S. Geological Survey, Alaska Science Center, who specializes in wildlife health and diseases.   In this special episode, we try to educate listeners about viruses, zoonotics, and what you might consider doing to better protect yourself while in the field and kitchen.

Show Notes

0:15 – Why this special episode?
2:10 – Andy introduces himself.
4:10 – We have a quiz on viruses and zoonotics.   How many can you answer correctly?
5:40 – Andy defines viruses and zoonotics.
8:30 – We talk about viruses that hunters may encounter with a focus on bird flu.   Do you know the difference between low and high pathogenic avian viruses?
15:55 – Should I currently worry about bird flu when I’m picking up my ducks?
17:45 – How prevalent is bird flu in Alaska waterfowl and are they affected by infections?
20:45 – Andy discusses frontiers for avian influenza research.
21:30 – What other zoonotics should hunters think about?
25:55 – We return to our quiz questions. Can you answers these questions now?
27:40 – What practices should hunters consider to be safe in the field.   Should you pick your nose while hunting?
31:15 – Outro.

Additional Resources

Photo: Andy and Chai team up to retrieve a pair of Black Brant on a personal hunting trip to Cold Bay, Alaska.


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