Hunting Science Exploring the Science Behind Hunting
Exploring the Science Behind Hunting

Episode 15: Do you have GRIT?


Dr. Peggy Keiper, Director of the Sport and Recreation Business Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, talks with us about Grit and how it is important for hunting.  We also discuss our efforts to advance hunting education at a university level.

Show Notes

0:30 – Introductions
11:15 – Peggy discusses our efforts to bring education about hunting and hunters to university environment.
17:00 – We solicit your input on how we can best develop hunter education.
18:10 – We transition into an in depth conversation about Grit.  What is Grit?
23:55 – How do you measure Grit?
29:45 – Who do you think has Grit?
33:50 – Can you develop Grit?
38:25 – We talk about some recent studies that Peggy completed.  We hoped to post them with the podcast, but they aren’t quite ready yet for public consumption.  Stay tuned.
40:30 – I’m happy to report that mental techniques for being Gritty that Peggy discusses here, worked well for the sheep hunt that my son and I did after recording this podcast.  Give them a try.
42:22 – Why does Peggy have the nickname Ocho?
45:25 – Peggy discusses how your past experiences influence your Grit.
52:20 – Peggy shares a concluding story of Grit.
59:45 – Concluding remarks.

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