Hunting Science Exploring the Science Behind Hunting
Exploring the Science Behind Hunting

Episode 10: Care of Meat in the Alaska Wilderness


In this episode, I talk with Randy Brown about his knowledge of care of red meat and fish that he obtained during his 15 years of living in the Alaska bush.   We start our conversation by having Randy first tell us about how he struck out into the wilderness at the age of 18, a fascinating story in of itself.   We then hear about the experiences (science) that provided him with the skills and knowledge that were essential for his survival.   Randy shares this science with us, including for example why he thinks Beaver is the perfect food for living in the wilderness.   This is part one of our conversation with Randy.   Later this month we will release the 2nd episode, a conversation with Randy (a fisheries biologist by training) about the science of Whitefish ecology in Alaska and glowing Salmon.   This slight diversion in our hunting theme is a fascinating tale about the wonders of fish migration and bacteria.

Show Notes

0:30 – Introductions
3:00 – Randy describes how he entered the wilderness and the people he met that were essential for his education.
8:00 – Randy discusses the essential foods for surviving in the wilderness.
11:00 – We return to his story of entering the wilderness and starting a family.
12:30- Moving back to the big city (Fairbanks) where he continues his education.
16:00 – We discuss care of meat in the field.
24:15 – Learn why you might want to hunt moose earlier in the season.
26:50 – Randy shares some thoughts about care of fish in the field.
28:45 – Surviving through the winter – Lynx it’s what for dinner.
32:10 – Final thoughts on dos and don’ts of meat care in the field.
36:10 – Wrap up.

Additional Resources

Photo Courtesy of Randy Brown – packing a Dall Sheep.

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