Hunting Science Exploring the Science Behind Hunting
Exploring the Science Behind Hunting

Episode 12: Capturing the Hunting Lifestyle in Photos and More on Duck Hunting


Phil Kahnke talks to us about his photography and duck hunting.   Phil tells us about his techniques and philosophy for capturing his incredible images.   I was particularly intrigued by our conversation about his philosophy for photographing the hunting lifestyle, which I believe appeals to hunters and non-hunters alike.   I challenged Phil to provide a photos for this podcast and our instagram site (@huntingscience) that would make anyone go hunting and it seems to me he accomplished that in aces. No conversation with Phil would be complete without talking about duck hunting and we definitely spend time on that topic as well. Thanks again to Phil for talking to us, sharing his amazing images, and educating us about photography and duck hunting.

Show Notes

0:25 – Introductions.
7:50 – Phil describes his favorite hunt.
8:45 – We quickly transition into Phil’s approach to photography.
17:20 – We drill into his philosophy for photographing the Hunting Lifestyle.
29:20 – How does Phil accomplish the realism and organic nature of his photography?
34:20 – What’s next for Phil and his photography?
36:45 – We talk about the most important factors to consider for good hunting photography, many of which are also important for hunting, and we use that as a transition into duck hunting advice.   What do you think is the most important factor for getting ducks to finish for both photography and hunting?
54:00 – Phil goes into more detail about how weather and maybe climate affects duck hunting. Have you seen changes in weather and climate at your hunting sites over the last couple decades that affect your duck hunting?   Let us know in the comments section.
1:04:30 – Phil shares his thoughts on the future of photography and hunting.
1:09:45 – Phil finishes with an exciting hunting story.
1:21:45 – Wrap up

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Photo: @Phil Kahnke

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