Hunting Science Exploring the Science Behind Hunting
Exploring the Science Behind Hunting

Episode 17: Why We Hunt?


I talk with Dr. Todd Brinkman and Eduardo Wilner about the reasons why we hunt.  We look at this question from a science and philosophy viewpoint, which I think you will learn through the podcast are similar views. There is a video of this episode if you’d like to watch instead of listen this time.

Show Notes

0:25 – Introductions, which bleeds into Eduardo talking about the similarities between science and philosophy
12:25 – We talk about the reasons we hunt.
21:30 – Eduardo talks about the difficulties of verbalizing the reasons why we hunt.  He talks about how it is similar to trying to describe the reasons we run or perhaps give birth, if you are a women.
25:15 – Do we need to hunt?
28:50 – Why even ask why we hunt?  Why don’t some people like hunting?
38:15 – Are we genetically programmed to hunt?  How much has society shaped the reasons we do and don’t hunt?
43:50 – Todd talk about what surveys reveal about the reasons we hunt, which leads into a discussions about the importance of the kill and the ethics of hunting.
55:00 – Are the reasons we hunt and number of hunters changing?  Listen to hear how Covid has affected hunter participation. What is public perception of the reasons we hunt?  What are the greatest threats to the future of hunting?
1:13:00 – We finish with our favorite hunting stories that characterize our reasons for hunting.
1:19:52 – Outro.

Additional Resources

Photo Credit: Eduardo Wiliner.  This photo has a dreamy quality because of the fog and image quality, which seems appropriate for the question of why we hunt.

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